Remi Nicole
My Conscience And I

Listen to Remi Nicole and the summer we never had finally arrives.

If you’re fed up of hearing about Lilly Allen and Kate Nash then I’m afraid you’re not going to like the next couple of months. There’s a new female singer on the block and undoubtedly she’ll be compared to her predecessors by lazy journalists until the next one comes along and the trail continues.

Remi Nicole like the others makes her mark using ‘tell it like it is’ lyrics but unlike them she backs them up with a great voice and catchy tunes. Her acoustic guitar complements every word that she sings and it doesn’t take long to realise that this genre of music can be done properly.

The album kicks off with Go with the Flow, a tune that will likely be a future single as it’s in the same vein as past singles Go Mr Sunshine and next track on the album Mr Rock N Roll which have both proved hugely popular.

New Old Days is guaranteed to please anybody in their early twenties as Nicole sings through all the classic 90’s highlights including Pat Sharpe, Bomber Jackets and kids TV show Woof, who doesn’t remember that?

Things begin to slow down a little from then on with great ballads like Lights Out and album highlight Right Side of Me taking over, both of which show the 24 year old is capable of writing great if not simple lyrics like those around her. Certainly she’s nearer KT Tunstall than Lilly Allen by this point.

As things draw to a close she talks about situations that women must dread in Dates from Hell with a no held back opinion on what she wants from a man before final song Inside Of Me which is soulful and leaves you fully fulfilled.

Certainly if you’re a fan of Kate Nash and those alike this album will be a winner but if you’re not don’t despair. Anybody with an appreciation of good music like that produced by Norah Jones and Katie Melua will also not be able to put this CD down for weeks such is its expressive hook.

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   Released: 3rd December 07
   Label: Island
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   By Will Barrington
   From Newport Pagnell
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